AC maintenance companies in Dubai

Ac Repair Dubai
Air Conditioning Repairing Tips
February 6, 2016
Ac Repair Dubai
AC Repair Companies In Dubai
March 1, 2016

AC maintenance companies in Dubai

Ac Repair In Dubai


With the humid and hot atmosphere of Dubai it’s quite difficult to live without air conditioner, most of Dubai`s households require air conditioners. We are one of the best AC maintenance companies in Dubai.

We are providing following services:

  • One-Time General Air conditioning Servicing
  • Yearly Contract Air conditioning Maintenance
  • Air conditioning Chemical Wash (Chemical Cleaning) Service
  • Checking & Troubleshooting of Air Con Fault
  • Repair Service for Air conditioning Circuit Board
  • Give us the opportunity to help you the best.

This overhauling incorporates cleaning of the indoor fan coil and open air condenser, clearing of the waste funneling and checking of your ventilate framework.

Extent OF WORK

  • Clean and Check air channel and Cover
  • Check bio-unadulterated, aerating channel
  • Clean and Check Indoor cooling loop
  • Chemical cleaning is excluded
  • Flush seepage framework
  • Check compressor suction and release weight
  • Check and Lubricate engine bearing (If essential)


90 days administration workmanship (extent of administration as it were)


  • Cleaner and more advantageous air
  • Improve effectiveness
  • Clear water spill issue
  • Prevention of framework breakdown

Finding best AC Maintenance Companies In Dubai is quite difficult.Today, the interest in AC maintenance companies in Dubai has been developing since shoppers are cognizant as they comprehend that cleaning and keeping up their aerating and cooling frameworks will help them later on. We at AC maintenance Dubai furnish air conditioning administration with unwavering quality and believe ability. You can be rest guaranteed that our air conditioning administration organization has the best administration choices and information for adjusting and keep up your air conditioning frameworks. With AC maintenance Dubai air conditioning administration you get outstanding redesign and choices that offer different focal points that suit your financial plan and the air conditioning frameworks.


At AC maintenance Dubai, we have faith in offering an assortment of administrations that would you be able to pick and pick, as well as modify to meet your one of a kind needs. This is the reason we every now and again offer advancements for air-con benefits, and even air-con benefit contracts for support of your aerating and cooling units, totally customize able to meet your necessities, be it taken a toll savvy or administration shrewd.

For AC maintenance Dubai we have various choices accessible, however, we pride ourselves similar to the best in the city.This framework gives fresh ventilation, as well as fresh air and controls the level of humidity in the house to ensure the comfort for our body throughout the day.

Expertacfix is the Company you can hire for You AC Maintenance Whenever Needed .

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