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Preparing to clean a lot of duct on the air conditioner filter

Air conditioners are susceptible to mold growth as a result of the presence of moisture inside them. The majority of air conditioner system attracts mold spores as a result of the humid environment and oxygen. It is not healthy when mold grows inside your air conditioner. This is because spores can quickly spread through the air and result in sickness to people inside the room. For mold growth not to become a problem means to be in tune with the indicators by contacting air conditioning Dubai. Furthermore, taking the necessary steps to remove the mold and prevent future growth.

Our AC systems do a good job of removing this moisture. But over time, moist air, combined with dust and waste get pass the air filter. This begins to accumulate inside the fan and even through the air conditioning duct system. This provides a fertile ground for molds to breed.

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If you fail to take preventive measures, your air conditioners can become fertile ground for mold. When dust finds their way inside the cooling fins and becomes moist, mold forms eventually. A regular AC maintenance will prevent any mold growth. However, poorly maintained air conditioner would encourage the growth of mold. 

As mentioned above, mold growth in the air conditioner causes serious health problems. When you inhale the mold spores, it can result to allergic reactions or asthma in some people. Furthermore, the spores can also irritate the eyes, skin, nose, lungs, and throat which cause a lot of distress.

Therefore, it is very imperative to prevent the growth of mold in your air conditioners.

Below are some tips to avoid mold growth:

  • Clean your air conditioner regularly.
  • Clean cloth should be used to wipe off the dust from the cooler fin. This will avoid the accumulation of dust and result in mold due to moisture.
  • Make sure the condensate tray does not overflow.
  • When the AC pan contains too much water, it can stimulate the growth of mold. Hence, it’s advisable always to clean the pan regularly.
  • After cleaning the air conditioner, allow it to dry before switching it on.
  • Hire an air conditioning Dubai to service your device regularly. The technician performs maintenance checks on your system to make sure everything is fine.

The best measure to control mold growth is to prevent moisture in your system. Once you notice that your system is leaking water, it’s advisable to get it fixed immediately. Also, when moisture is around the air handler, it signals blockage of condensation pipe. You need to get in touch with air conditioning Dubai for prompt AC repair and AC servicing

Finally, always inspect the exterior surface of your air conditioner regularly. If by chance you see traces of mold on the surface, using detergent, bleach, and water for washing. Ensure you do not use the hand to touch it. Always remember that the best solution to prevent mold growth is to contact air conditioning Dubai to keep your system moisture free.

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