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5 Tips for Shifting To a New Place Are you shifting to a new place? Are you moving to a new office location? Are you worried […]

5 Tips for Shifting To a New Place

Are you shifting to a new place? Are you moving to a new office location? Are you worried about how to get all your stuff moved from one place to another? Well, we have come up with some tips which help you in your shifting process.

Make List: The first and basic thing is to make the list of which things are more important to carry on priority basis like kitchen items, bed, etc. Prioritize important things over other things. This will help you in getting a clear picture of what you need to move first and how.

For example if you are shifting to a new house then it would be mandatory to move the kitchen items, sleeping bags (if your furniture will need time to get shifted). Similarly, if you are shifting your office, try to build the infrastructure first by doing all the required wiring, setting up your server room or whatever is more important depending on your business model.

Pack All Your Stuff: Do pack your stuff in an efficient way i.e. packing similar things together or packing in sets/groups, for example packing all the things you will be keeping in your TV lounge at one place like the furniture, TV set, chairs, etc. The idea is to move things like one room at a time rather than mixing the stuff because if you have a large family then it would be really difficult for everyone to find their things when unpacked at the new location, so to save the time, effort, and your valuables its recommend to move the stuff of a one room as a whole.

Hire a Service: If you can take care of all the things by yourself then that’s well n good, but If you are too busy with your daily schedule then look for a service who can do this job for you. Like, hire a carpentering services to disassemble all your furniture which not be moved as one unit (for example large beds with attached shelves etc). It can be tough to find carpentering services in Dubai but keep trying to get a one else you may end up breaking your precious wooden stuff.

Start Settling In: Don’t start settling in after moving the whole things. In fact, start settling in once you are done with getting the basic things shifted. It’s better to plan the new place of your valuables before shifting i.e. deciding where you will keep your goods at your new place. This way it will save your time because setting the whole place in a one go would make the job difficult for you, especially when guests will come to meet and see your new place. So it’s better to get at least one room ready for guests.

Fixing up the disassemble items: Again, look for the carpentry services to assemble your furniture and other wooden or aluminum stuff to get them into your original shape. The reason to hire the carpentry services for such job is that your valuables need to be handled by professionals.