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How To Paint Your Walls In 5 Easy Steps

1. Fix your budget: The first and very important thing to do before you start proceeding to other steps. Sit with your family or whom you consider appropriate & comfortable to share the financials, and the overall expense you can afford. This step is also very important if you are Wall Painting Services In Dubai works to be done for your office which is a partnership based. Discuss the budget with your partner first before deciding over any other thing.

2. Find The Painting Service Provider: This comes second in list because this will need lots of your time and effort as its quite a tough job to find a good Wall Painting Services In Dubai at this time of the year when there is already too much advance booking is going on due to holiday season. Try to find a one for your wall painting needs by looking options on internet, ask a friend or relative, or simply find the companies who do wall painting.

3. Select Your Colors: This can be exciting as well as frustrating depending on the number of influencers or decision makers. You will surely to consider the opinion & choice of your family members before getting your home renovated, same goes for the office where you have to consult with your partner or stakeholder. The best thing would be to look for color options on the shade card been provided by almost every paint company, select some of the colors that will look best on your wall, and if you can afford to do some efforts, then take pictures of your walls and ask an editor to recolor with them graphically with the colors of your choice, this way you would be able to get a clear picture of how walls will look like after getting painted. You can then select the color which suits your walls perfectly.

4. Get the best quality Paint: Once you are done with selecting the colors, next thing would be to get the best paint, quality matters as you won’t be painting your house or office too often. So get a paint which is durable and long lasting. You can take expert advice from your vendor painting service as they would have worked with almost every paint company and therefore can guide you the best in terms of the quality and cost. But just take the advice, and don’t ask them to get the paint by themselves because they might keep their commission in buying them. It’s advisable to get quotes of 2 to 3 companies before getting a one.

5. Get Started: As uphill now you will be done with all other things to do before wall painting, so it’s time to get started with the real job, i.e. To start painting your walls. Just make sure to cover all the important things such as furniture etc. before starting the wall painting, if feasible, then move your furniture or other such things to another room or a place which you will paint in the last.